May 11, 2016

If you'd have asked me a year ago would I ever have a spray tan, I probably would have laughed in your face. I've always been one to embrace my pale-ness and hadn't really been tanned properly for a number of years. I'd always be interested that you could get a tan without harming your skin or exposing it to the sun or tanning beds but just never really looked into it as I was happy with my lily white skin. However since going to Mexico in February and catching some rays, I have rather enjoyed being a tanned goddess, Now when I say 'tanned godess' it's not really what most of you would class as tanned. I quite like a natural style tan and healthy glow to my skin, even in Mexico I probably looked like I had just been to cornwall for two weeks with the UK sun being out. But yes, I digress. My tan has been fading super super quick and now it's almost as if I never went abroad and the pale skin has come back. Now it's getting a little more sunny, I wanted back that tanned look on my legs for the summer so I could get them out without feeling like I looked like a sun starved vampire. The folks over at Gloden got in touch as they've just opened a larger tanning salon in Filton Bristol and wanted me to pop along and celebrate the opening with a complimentary tanning session*. As I said, I didn't want to really expose my skin to sun beds so I opt'd for a spray tan but was nervous about getting half naked in front of a stranger. BUT this is where the good news comes in for us non nudists - They have fully automated tanning booths that do all the work for you!

The Versapro is a fully automated spray tanning booth but there are staff to talk you through each step before you start your session who kindly provide you with full instructions on how to get the best even tan from the machine. There are three shades to choose from, light/medium, dark and double dark. At my session there was actually four colour options to choose from so I am unsure if the Filton salon had different options but I explained I wanted a natural tan and to look like I had a healthy glow. The assistant advised the tanning application with a clear coat which was the easiest option as it could be washed off 4-6 hours after the application and as I wasn't too keen on sleeping in bed with the tan developing, opt'd for the second lightest colour with the clear coat. You can also choose to have your tan with an added bronzer which gives an immediate glow or the clear coat which develops over the next few hours but in my opinion, it did show an immediate difference on my pale skin.

Prior to your spray tan, it is advised you do all the shaving or waxing you need to before your tan application and also ex-foliate your skin. This will allow the tan to apply more evenly on the skin and ensure the results will last as long as possible. Also make sure to remove your make-up prior to your appointment as the application includes your face. It is also advised you don't wear an moisturiser or deodorant when your having your tan and to either wear loose clothing or bring loose clothing with you to wear after the application is complete.

The tanning booth is completely private and is inside an enclosed room where no one else will be with you. As the booth is fully automated, the assistant puts your tanning details into the machine and this then gives you 10 minutes to complete the full application. This however does not take 10 minutes so having extra time gives you a chance to relax and not rush the process. You are supplied with a hair net to put over your hair and also barrier cream to apply to your palms as you want to avoid getting the solution here. You then enter the booth completely naked (eek!) where you will find a green lit button in front of you that you press when your ready to start the process. Below your feet is a diagram to stand on top of which consists of 1-4 in numbers and aids with where you need to stand during the application. To start the process, the machine tells you to face forward with your toes on 1 and your heels on 4. The machine then measures you by height to gather where the tan is needed and then once this is done, asks you when your ready to proceed and press the button to start. The primer is applied first to the front and then the machine tells you to turn and put your toes on 4 and your heels on 1. Then it sprays the back and then once applied, the machine dries you. The assistant warned me that the first spray can be quite cold but surprisingly I found it to be more luke warm and actually quite pleasant. 

Once the primer has been applied, you need to press the button again and this is where the tanning begins. The application this time round is a little different - you do the front of your body with toes on 1 and heels on 4 but then to do get your sides, you have to pull the dance move 'walk like an egyptian'. The machine doesn't tell you this but it is told to you from the assistant during the instructional process before the application. You do this both ways with toes on 3 and heels on 4, the other side toes on 2 heels on 4. Then you proceed with the back and then the machine dries you again. The last spray section is the top clear coat which seals in the tan. Again this is similar to the primer and the machine explains all the moves to you. I was really worried when the assistant spoke through instructions that I wouldn't remember what to do, but the only thing you really need to remember is the Egyptian move as this is the only thing the machine does not communicate to you. Otherwise as long as you listen to the machine, the process is super simple and also very very quick. My whole application was done in around 4 minutes so having 10 minutes gives even the most awkward person extra time to not get something wrong. Once the whole process is complete, you just need to wipe off any tan on your palms (this is quite hard as the tan isn't hugely visible right away) get dressed and the machine starts to clean itself. This freaked me out a bit as I wasn't expecting it!

The tan takes 4-6 hours to develop and then you can shower the tan off. I was going to leave it to develop for the full 6 hours but when I got to 4 hours, I had a quick peek and was worried I almost went orange. I've never had a spray tan and was a tad scared so off I trotted to the shower and had a quick wash. Some advice, do not rub too hard - a simple handwash with a shower gel will suffice and then pat dry with a towel and avoid rubbing or dragging the skin. When I woke up the next day I was concerned my white sheets would have some transfer but was surprised to find nothing. I went into the bathroom to inspect my new tan and wow, I was so glowing and tanned I loved it. I felt like I had woken up in Mexico again - the tan was so so natural and glowy and did not look fake AT ALL. The tan is advised to last around 5-7 days and I have to be honest, 7 days later it is still showing on my skin. It's not as bold as it was for the first few days but I would still leave the house with a skirt on and not be afraid of my vampire skin. So if your someone like myself who is scared to spray tan, I would honestly advise it so so much. It has made me realise I actually really love having a healthy glow and especially as I've been down lately, this made me feel good about myself and perked my mood right up. I'd like to thank Gloden for inviting me along for my first spray tan and I can say with sympathy to my boyfriend (who loves my pale skin) it will not be my last.

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