July 12, 2016

Grab those clippers and listen to the sweet buzzing noise ... if you didn't already know, girls have taken to the clippers in order to adorn their heads with patterns, shapes and just down right badass-ness. We're talking mandala patterns, triangles, dyed shapes and designs ... the lot. Imagination is key. Last year I personally decided to brave the chop and it's got to be one of my favourite things that I have ever done to my hair (and I've experimented a lot) I still to this day around 6 months later get my undercut redone every few weeks or so and the feeling of the breeze brushing against your neck is just sweet bliss. Having an undercut just gives me such a confidence boost and I couldn't recommend it enough. It's also super for any Bob haired ladies out there as it helps your bob to lie so much nicer against your head (okay that sounds odd but trust me). So if your looking for inspiration to turn you from chic to Badass with a captial B, then check out these badass bitches and their kick ass do's. With many style options available - the world is your oyster. I've brought together my top 10 picks from mandala designs, simple undercuts, subtle ways to incorporate an undercut and then the down right badass-ness, buzzcuts. 

This is one I currently have on my list to try out next - the mandala floral design. I've personally had a simple undercut, lines cut in and a triangle design but am slowly edging towards this more extravagant undercut. I love how it's very feminine and yet edgy. This would look great on any longer haired ladies look to jazz up their do a little. Pass me the clippers!

This is personally the undercut I go for as I love a fresh nape undercut - its super simple and yet sophisticated. This is an easy cut to rock and is a great starter for anyone just edging into undercuts. What I like about this simple undercut is it's easy to hide on days when your not feeling it or don't want to show if off so can be suitable for office jobs that may be more picky with hairstyles or hidden away if your going over to that family members of yours that is a little more reserved and will just have to share their opinion to you. But on the flip side, it's also super easy to show off by just bundling your hair up onto your head or worked into a hairstyle to really show it off. 

If you're not too sure on the full commitment on an undercut or buzzcut - why not try these subtle ways of incoporating an undercut. Ruby Rose is rocking these simple lines that have been buzzed into her short crop and the other two ladies featured here have decided to just have a small section of hair cut down which creates a subtle badass chic look but is super simple to also grow out if the look is not for you. 

(Oh hello there Lily from http://www.lilydoughball.com/ a fellow Bristol blogger. This super lass is utterly amazing and actually went for the full buzzcutt and doesn't she just look bloody fabulous?! She also did it for the most amazing cause 'Little Princess Trust' and managed to raise an amazing £455.00 in the process. What a fabulous human being - love to you Lily)

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