August 02, 2016

Like most other people, for me a good looking home makes me feel so much better after a long hard day at work. Being comfortable in my surroundings just makes me feel so zen after a stressful day and I love when people compliment on how my house looks. It can be very disheartening to keep the house 'on trend' or 'pinterest worthy' when you don't have the big budgets the interior designers have when giving advice but here's a secret I'm about to share with you all - you don't need a big budget. You can make your house pinterest worthy without spending hundreds of pounds and I'm here to share my top tips on how to do just that. Get your camera ready for all those new snaps of your beautifully decorated house you'll be sharing with the internet. 

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S H O P   A T   C A R   B O O T S
Car boots are a fab way of getting some vintage/ antique items for a smidgen of the retail value. Most modern car boots seem to be adorned with copper accessories at the moment that you can get on a budget - I picked up three brand new Moscow mule mugs for £1.00 each, which currently retail in Homesense for around £12.99 for just two. I also managed to bag myself a vintage metal trunk which is sat pride of place in my house. Usually you'll see these trunks littered around vintage and antique markets for double figures starting around £20, then progressively getting more expensive. I managed to haggle mine down to just £7.00. It's all about keeping your eye out, scouting out all the stands to check someone hasn't got it for a cheaper price and showing a bit of interest in the items you see. Also bartering and haggling with sellers is not a problem - it's always worth haggling as they usually won't want to take it home after lugging it with them and even if they say no and your happy to pay retail, then at least you tried. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. ,

Don't be afraid to get your hands a little messy to get the perfect interior pieces. I see many things out and about at budget price but think 'that'd be so much nicer if it was in copper' ... and I do just that. I will generally purchase small pieces of porcelain or decorative items that I like and simply with a spray can of craft paint, re-colour them. I've also purchased a small tin of grey and white chalk paint and re-purposed an old shelving unit and old mirror I was ready to throw out. I just painted them both with a little chalk paint (you don't have to be perfect with the paint - it looks nicer if your a little rough) and sanded them a little in some areas to make them look more worn in and voila - I have a new bathroom shelving unit and a white dressing table mirror which both look perfect in the house. I get that time is money but if you have a few spare minutes or half hour, why not re-purpose and up-cycle some of the items in your home that have lost their spark or are ready to be thrown away. It can give them a whole new lease of life and your house a whole new look just with a lick of paint.

S H O P    S E A S O N A L L Y
This may come in handy for those of you who are after a more 'alternative' look with your home interior. After seeing the above images, I was desperately looking for a ceramic skull to display in my window with some of my cactus but I found that they were actually really expensive in a lot of places. With items like this, it's really worth keeping an eye out when seasons like Halloween come around. I trotted along to Asda to get my general food shop around October time and found the PERFECT black ceramic skull that wouldn't look out of place in Urban Outfitters for around £15.00+ but only for £5.00!. That went straight into my basket and this also leads nicely onto my last tip ..

Sourced from
D O N ' T   B E   A F R A I D   T O   S H O P   I N    S U P E R M A R K E T S
Some of my favourite design pieces I have in my living room are actually from Asda, Sainsburys and Tesco's. They all have excellent home ranges and they're also very affordable - cushions from around £3.00 and most display items are expensive looking but can be bought on a low budget. Keep an eye out when doing your general shops and you'd be surprised. I've actually started finding some cute interior pieces in places like Aldi and Lidl too. 

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  1. Great tips! I've found some really lovely pieces from sainsburys lately! I haven't been to a car boot in ages but now it's summer I might just have to have a little scout! I also love TK Maxx for one off designs and find their prices quite reasonable.
    Really enjoyed this post!
    Lisa xx

  2. Such good tips. I need to get myself to more car boots! x