September 13, 2016

Finding out that you're a different skin type to what you had presumed you were for the past five years or so can explain a lot of things. Such as 'why is my skin breaking out so much' or 'why does my makeup not stay put' .. well when you're using the wrong type of products and makeup, that's why. My mum was lucky enough to win a spa break for 2 at the Whitlebury Hall and Hotel through a Take a Break competition and was kind enough to invite me along. Whilst we were there, we thought we would take advantage of the spa facilities and booked ourselves in for an express facial.

 My therapist, Bella was chatting away to me and explained that I actually have Combination/ Oily skin with some enlarged pores. This was very strange to hear considering I'd thought I actually had Dry skin so obviously had been over saturating my skin with moisture it didn't really need! I've recently suffered from some heavy breakouts I had put down to being hormonal, but Bella reassured me and advised this was probably due to using the wrong products for my skin. Bella proceeded with my express facial giving my skin the TLC it had much needed and after, my skin felt FANTASTIC Thanks to using targeted products for my skin such as this ESPA Essential Clay Mask, my skin had a new lease of life. 

Bella recommended this ESPA Essential Clay Mask to help improve the condition of my skin and draw out the impurities whilst also balancing the excess oils. So onward I trotted into the store to get the mask and was greeted by a hefty price tag of £36.00. I'm no stranger to spending money on luxury skincare products I believe are worth it but this seemed like quite a lot of cash to hand over for a 55ml tub. I however handed over my card and kept my mouth shut. All I can say now on reflection is I am VERY glad I did. 

Yes this is a luxury price tag but you really are getting a luxury product. (Also just to mention the packaging?! How beautiful!) This deeply cleansing mask helps calm skin, ease congestion and aids in re-balancing your skin. It contains Mineral-rich Kaolin clay and Antiseptic Rose Geranium which help clear excess oils, impurities and congestion in the skin. It also contains Benzoin to help nourish, Rose Damascena and Marshallow help to soften and calm. 

I am yet to see the longer term benefits of the product but after just two uses, my skin feels much cleaner and fresher and my breakouts have dramatically improved. This is not only suitable for Oily/Combination skin, but also can be used on all skin types including sensitive skin. 

You can purchase the Essential Cleansing Mask and other products from the ESPA range through the main ESPA site, through local John Lewis stores and ESPA Spa's. 

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