November 15, 2016

I am a bit of a self confessed-hair dye addict and I do think the addiction gets stronger when I have my dark hair. Chocolate Brown always seems to be one of those colours I find QUITE hard to achieve (along with things like dark violet, the right tone of red and the forever difficult blonde)

I recently picked up the L'oreal Casting Creme Gloss in 535 'Chocolate' after seeing it through The Sunday Girl's blog post due to the warm hues it added to her hair. Dark brown hair without any warm tones can just look a little 'flat' and especially after being very bleach blonde, warm toned dyes come in handy in making semi permanent colours last a little longer. I'm quite the fan of L'oreal Casting Creme gloss dyes are they are semi permanent promising to last up to 28 shampoo's without damaging your hair and offering conditioning colour. I have to be honest and say I think they do live up to their hype and as they contain no ammonia, I find they do not show any visible damage and leave a lovely soft, shiny and even colour result.

Application of the product is very easy. You apply the dye to unwashed, wet hair which I find allows the product to be spread evenly through your hair, making sure you get an even application. Once applied, I like to put a shower cap over the top to protect the colour from transfer onto anything and leave the dye to develop for 20 minutes. The colour result is always super shiny and even and I love the result. The chocolate 535 is another shade that has not disappointed and although the result was a little darker than the box depicts, I loved the result. Please do not use the box as a 100% reference and research beforehand the colour spectrum (level 5 is described as a medium brown. 10 being a platinum blonde and 1 being black)

Due to only being Semi permanent, if you're unhappy with the result it will wash out in  28 washes or so. This is why I think L'oreal casting creme is a great product to use and experiment with. My next colour will be Plum 316

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