December 01, 2016

You all know me by now, a self confessed hairdye addict. I shared last year my ventures in going red (read my Seeing Red Garnier Olio Dye in 6.60 review here!) and you all seemed to go crazy for it so I thought it only fair to share this venture with you YET AGAIN as my hair history seems to repeat itself. This time, we've got a budget friendly dye in the form of Superdrug's Colour Vibrance hair colorant in the shade Fire Red 8.45. Do not be fooled by the gingery/ orange hues depicted on the box, this dye like the name suggests is RED.

I was actually going for a gingery/ red look and ended up with pure red. It was a happy accident however as I have now grown to love my red hues once again and will continue to rock them until I get bored and want a new colour. (Ignore the poor quality images and the hot root look. I took images on my phone as I didn't have my DSLR to hand and the lighting is a little off in the after photo. The before photo makes my hair look darker than it originally was and the colour in the after photos was actually consistent throughout)

at time of writing the dye is currently on offer with the full range of colour vibrance dyes at £2.23 each!
I had previously removed my darker hair dye with Colour B4 (review of Colour b4 here!) and used the Mango Copper colour by Superdrug but this did not give me the desired colour. When I spotted the Fire Red, the box was the EXACT colour I wanted. Now I'm not a newbie when it comes to dying and I know as well as the next person you aren't going to get a true colour pay off as the box depicts but its always good to use as a guideline.

The rich crème colour is specially formulated with intense colour pigments that penetrate deep into the hair to give 100% grey hair coverage. The dye is super easy to mix and use - you mix together the crème developer and the crème colour and shake until well mixed. With this shade, I was quite surprised it didn't look very bright once mixed but after it had developed for around 10 minutes the red colour shown through. The consistency is a little more liquidy than I would prefer but for the price paid, it's cheap and cheerful and as long as your careful with application, the colour pay off is gorgeous. Developing time is 30 minutes and then you wash, apply the intensive conditioner, rinse and style as desired.

The conditioner supplied was actually worth keeping hold of. I usually use Aussie 3 minute miracle after a dying process as my hair is VERY dry (I'm aware that's due to over processing but its well known by me don't worry) but the supplied conditioner was actually very good. The conditioner contains jojoba oil and pro-vitamin B5, promising to protect the hair and give you a glossy, vibrant colour. I would say it does deliver on this but would also advise it does not give up to 6 applications and that's coming from someone with short hair. You could however get a good 3-4 uses out of it and the packaging is very user friendly.

The product claims to 'deliver up to 8 weeks luscious vibrant colour' but I have to be honest and say after the first wash a lot of my red hue had disappeared to a more orangey based shade which was a little more like the shade depicted on the box but a little too red to still be that shade. I am however very happy with the pay off for the price paid and would recommended the dyes to all. When I originally rocked my orange ginger shade, the Mango Copper Burst was my FAVOURITE dye to use (heads up to those ginger girls out there)

Have you tried the Superdrug Colour Vibrance dyes?

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