January 09, 2017

I've previously had bad experiences before with semi permanent lash extensions so when Saks Beauty contacted me about coming in for a complimentary treatment in their new store opening here on Bristol Park Street, my first thought was to be safe and just go for a facial. But upon perusing their treatment list, I couldn't help see a new range of lash extensions I had not seen before, called 'Express Lashes' by Nouveau. My inner lash diva jumped right out and I asked if I would be able to try them out and boy, I'm glad I did. Upon application, I could tell the Nouveau lashes were totally different to what I have previously experienced from Lash extensions in the past. 

Heather, my technician made me feel very comfortable and relaxed during my treatment. Pre-treatment, we spoke about what kind of look I was after and my expectations of the lashes as to ensure I was getting the correct treatment. I advised Heather I was after a natural look but also wanted to look as if I had had my lashes done (difficult customer alert!) but she totally understood the look I was after and we agreed on a slightly longer length with more of a flare on the outer corners of my lashes - perfect! I also told Heather of my previous experiences and she assured me about how the application was going to go and aftercare instructions. The Nouveau site advises the lash application takes approximately 20-30 minutes but I was in the salon for approximately an hour - I can be a right chatterbox when I get going and me and Heather got along like a house on fire. 

The adhesive is more gentle than standard lash adhesive, it is non irritating meaning your eyes will not water when having the application done and feels much more comfortable on the eyes once application is finished. Express lashes are perfect for that special occasion such as a big party or even a wedding and boast up to 10 days wear when treated correctly. The treatment costs from £30* (dependant on how many lashes you need). You can also purchase the Nouveau Sealant which is a product you apply twice daily to lengthen the life of your lashes. It protects the adhesive bonds and adds shine, gloss and depth of colour to the lashes whilst also being Vegan Friendly. It creates a membrane that protects the glue bonding on the lashes whilst contained ingredients feed and moisturise your natural lashes. When the lashes are ready to be removed, make sure to return to the salon to get them professionally removed. Saks Bristol actually offer a free removal service ensuring the lashes are professionally removed as not to damage your own lashes in the process. 

Tips on getting the most out of your Express lashes and to keep them lasting as long as possible;

  • Avoid water coming into contact with the lashes for the first 48 hours after application
  • Do not use waterproof mascara (try to avoid mascara if you can really) but if used, use water-based only formulas and remove gently with an Oil Free make-up remover
  • Do not attempt to perm or use lash curlers on your newly applied lashes, this will only cause the lashes to tug and could pull off your the lashes and your own lashes prematurely
  • Do not rub your eyes when washing your face - always part lashes dry after cleansing them
  • Do not attempt to remove the lashes yourself - go back to the salon 2-3 weeks after application to get them professionally removed. 
Donna (the salons owner), my technician Heather and the team at Saks Bristol are some of the loveliest ladies. They make me feel at ease time and time again and I have since returned to the salon as a paying customer. If you are looking to be pampered and preened, make sure to visit Saks Bristol. Also for a limited time - you can get half price treatments at Saks Bristol as a new customer, visit their page here for full details and download your voucher. (Offer T&C: Mention offer at time of booking and bring voucher to appointment. Valid at Saks Beauty Bristol on selected days with selected staff until Sunday 15th January 2017. Cannot be used with any other offer) 

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