February 15, 2017

As I get older, I am seeking more ways that I can switch to products that are more 'natural' or animal testing free. I don't know why, I just seem to be coming a little more self conscious about my foot print on the planet .. #adultlife

Georganics are a brand who do just that. Back in 2015, the brand started selling their products from a market stall in London, now you can find products through Amazon, Etsy and most wholefoods stores throughout the UK. Looking through their site, you'll see they offer oral care in different flavours which for someone like myself (I used blackcurrant toothpaste from the ages of 5 to around 10 because mint toothpastes made me gag!) was something that intrigued me. As an adult, I'm obviously a little more used to mint flavoured toothpastes now but if you asked me if I wanted to use a spearmint flavour or a red mandarin flavoured toothpaste, I know what I would choose. 

With 8 flavours/ variations available (including spearmint and peppermint for you mint lovers out there) there's something for everyone. Blended with Red Mandarin Peel Essential Oil, these products are safe to use for children and during pregnancy. These products are also Vegan friendly and Edible if that's your sort of bag. Apply a pea-sized scoop of the Red Mandarian toothpaste* to your toothbrush (spatula is included) and brush as usual for 2-3 minutes. The instructions advise to leave longer for increased remineralization. The first time I used the toothpaste (please bare in mind this is the first time I've ever used a natural toothpaste) it did feel a little like I was brushing my teeth with a face mask. However once the initial texture disappears as you continue to brush, it feels a lot more normal in your mouth (ignore the innuendo tone to that sentence). This may be due to the fact the formula contains clay but it's something with prolonged use, you do get used to.

For a natural rinse, follow with the Oil Pulling Mouthwash*. This involves swishing the blended oils in your mouth for 10 minutes (20 minutes if you can) which will draw out toxins and also help naturally whiten your teeth too. This is something I had to task to my boyfriend and he was more than happy to give it a go. 10 minutes seemed more than enough for him but he did comment after how clean his mouth actually felt. I do have to say that I don't think the Red Mandarin flavour was as noticeable as I'd have preferred but it was not as harsh as usual commercial toothpaste. 

Cute packaging aside, I'd say if you are someone who is after a more natural approach to oral care and want to avoid fluoride, SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) and Triclosan, this is the perfect way to do it. Head to where you can purchase this travel friendly set for £11.90* 

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