April 20, 2017


Isn't it just mad when life gets carried away, time wizz's past you and before you know it almost a month has disappeared. It's been a long long month I will be honest with you but I am glad to report that life is on the up once again. I have sorted myself out with employment (it's so nice to be working again!) I am happier with my body and self image and I am finally achieving some of my New Year goals I put in place (about time!)

Outfit Details
Oversized Black Denim Jacket - Primark £16.00 (Similar Style - Forever 21)
Black Cami - George/ Asda £5.00 (Link to Purchase)
Green Leopard Print Midi Skirt - George/ Asda £6.00 (Similar Style - New Look)
Leather Style Cross Body Bag - Missguided £15.00 (Similar Style - Whistles)
Black Suede Style Boots - Primark £10.00 (Similar Style - Allsole)
Fedora Hat - Primark £8.00 (Similar Style - Boohoo)
Glasses - Hugo Boss Orange £149.00 from Specsavers (Link to Purchase)

 I've joined a gym and I am putting my mental health first by investing in myself as a person and putting some time aside each week for me. I think we all forgetting to actually look after ourselves and I have been guilty of this for a long time now. I may not have lost any drastic amounts of weight like I would have but I am starting to love my body a bit more for what it is and work on improving what I already have - I am going to start embracing my curves just a little more and stop beating myself up so much. 

I finally got my first tattoo and it's odd how good it has made me feel. It's like it should have been there all along and I can't wait to add more adornments to my body in the coming years. I have already started to plan my next tattoo and this one hasn't even healed yet! I had an appointment booked in to just get a small heart on the back of my calf but literally a few hours before my appointment, I felt a bit unsure on the design I had a chosen. I spoke to my mum and my tattoo artist my friend Hayley and we decided the unicorn I choose in the end was much more me.

I am investing more time and effort into my photography business and hopefully in the long run, will be able to invest more money into some new gear so I can really give it my all. I love producing something for someone to treasure and be able to look back on and think of all the memories from just one photo. It's such a joy to give something back and I really hope I can keep it going. 

And I am going to try and invest some more time into blogging again. I love that there is a community waiting for me to re-join and thrive with. I've recently attended a few more events and I just love the local blogging culture. I've met some gorgeous guys and gals through blogging and hope this long continues. And I just want to say thank you to you - reading this. You are the people I write this for and you taking the time to read this keeps me going. Your interactions are amazing (even sometimes the negative. I take it with a pinch of salt and try to improve from critics) you're what make this blog something and what keep this going. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

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