May 18, 2017

If you don't already - make sure to follow me via Instagram as when I am not able to update the blog very often, I still try to post on Insta at least daily. 

So life's been  BUSY as always but for fun reasons - WE FOUND A NEW HOUSE. We seem to be quite lucky when rental property hunting and usually find a place after the first few but this time we found the perfect house first time. We managed to bag a little two bedroom house in the suburbs with a conservatory, garage (for me to do more crafts and up cycling furniture - new posts coming!) and a garden as well. So most of my time that isn't spent at work has been spent on catching up on the never ending piles of washing, packing my flat up into boxes and home inspiration research. Make sure to also follow me via Pinterest for home inspo boards a plenty

The usual life has been pretty straight forward. I recently bought some more cacti babies that needed re-homing (I have since re-homed them again so it's easier to move home with them and then will be replanting in a super cute terrarium from work) I also shot another gorgeous wedding which was fab. I'm really enjoying my photography adventures and I am hoping that it will long continue in the future.

Bzzagent sent me the new Nescafe Gold sachets which were actually rather nice (Mocha for the win) I also invested in my first pair of acrylic nails which are proving a little hard to type with but I am picking it up slowly. 

So that's just a brief insight to my week (last few weeks) via Insta. Sorry I've been a  bit quiet on the blogging front - hopefully we are going to set up a little office in the new house which will help with inspiration. Are there any posts you want to see?

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