June 24, 2017

For someone that's been a nail bitter for years to suddenly have the urge to grow my nails, it's no surprise I got a bit bored of my natural nails and wanted just a bit 'more'. No matter how much I looked after my natural nails with masses of products, gel kits and so on, my nails were just brittle and broke all the time. I have envied ladies who have acrylic nails for a long time now but never really knew what went into them, how they'd feel and all the wonderful colours and designs you can have. I always thought they were these ghastly, chunky long nails that only people who didn't have nails got but this could not be far from the truth. Whilst there may be some con's to acrylics such as the infills, lifting issues or losing a nail (SUCH a pain!) there are many pro's which I want to share with you. 

Jo at Jojo's Nails and Beauty (and training academy) is the genius behind my current acrylic nails.* Based in Bristol from her home salon, Jo offers a huge variety of treatments, such as callus peels, microblading and most recently, Lash extensions. I've now had two sets of acrylics in different lengths and styles and I am totally ADDICTED. Acrylic nails are perfect for nail bitters or people with brittle nails as the polymer mix used creates a hard wearing, robust result which means you can have beautiful nails all the time. For someone like me who works in retail, they're a god send as I don't have to worry about being a bit rough and breaking a nail. I have had two incidents were my acrylics have come off (they were lifting as it was a few days before my infills) and luckily they just pinged off. I have yet (touch wood) to experience a horrendous break but since my previous issues, Jo recommended a slightly shorter size and all is good so far. 

Acrylic nails (a shortened term for 'Methacrylate') are created by mixing a monomer liquid and polymer powder which is then applied to the nail and dries to create a thicker style nail. The application process begins by cleansing your natural nails, filing and shaping your existing nail, applying a priming liquid and then a nail extension tip which is attached to your natural nail. This is then filed to blend with your natural nail and shaped to your chosen preference. You are then prepped and ready to apply the polymer powder which hardens and is then shaped. Once these steps have been completed, you are ready for polish, shellac, gel and any finishing you may choose. 

You will need infills every 2-4 weeks depending on how fast your natural nails grow to keep your nails looking fabulous (and not fake!) During this time, you can also choose a new colour or have your previous colour re applied. But the good news in, a set can last you up to 2 years! Getting regular infills and letting your technician know if the length isn't suitable means you can keep your nails looking fab and avoid any horrors.  

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