August 01, 2017

As I'm typing this I really can not believe it's been a whole month since I last posted. I feel really sad when I think about how I've abandoned the blog as of lately and for any frequent readers (if you're still actually here?!) .. I am sorry. Who would have thought that hitting 25 in February would've seen my life change so much. 2017 has been the year of a a new job (that's not that uncommon for me) new home and well kind of a new look. Its been the year I want to take my photography business more seriously, the year I want to show my family more love, the year I want to create a home for me and my partner and the year I want to make changes. And I didn't think a change would be the blog no longer fits with my life so I am going to try and make room for it again. I love ranting online and posting some of my inner monologues. Sharing with you my new style and beauty finds and all the fabulous events I get to attend as a blogger. 

So for now this is more of just a drop in and I hope to be back in the next few days with some exciting new content for you all. 


Chloe AKA lovefromlucky 

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